Antrim Investments Ltd. is a full service mortgage broker/lender licensed under the British Columbia Mortgage Brokers Act; administered by the Financial Institutions Commission of BC.

The Office of the Registrar of Mortgage Brokers at the Financial Institutions Commission regulates the mortgage brokering and lending activities of Mortgage Investment Corporations (MICs) under the Mortgage Brokers Act. The Registrar and the Mortgage Brokers Act do not regulate the capital raising and investment marketing activities of MICs which are subject to securities legislation and regulation.

Antrim Investments Ltd. is also fully licensed as a mortgage brokerage with the Real Estate Council of Alberta, the regulator of Alberta’s Real Estate Act.

Incorporated in 1973, Antrim's initial focus was brokering mortgages between borrowers and private lenders. Today, the company has expanded its area of core competencies to include investment management


Mortgage Brokerage

Antrim is a broker focused mortgage lender. The company actively markets its funds under management directly to mortgage brokers, rather than receiving applications from the general public. Antrim is a member of the Mortgage Brokers Association of British Columbia and Alberta



Portfolio Management

The company raises mortgage funds via its management of several Mortgage Investment Corporations (MIC). When an Investor makes a deposit into an Antrim MIC, the company then invests the funds in a diversifi ed portfolio of secured mortgages. MIC deposits are RRSP eligible investments. Antrim is a member of the Mortgage Investors Association of British Columbia



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