Investor Testimonials

We have invested in several Mortgage Investment Corporations managed by Antrim Investments since 1994. We feel that Antrim Investments has been very honest with us and we appreciate the respect they show to all shareholders. We feel secure with our investments that are being managed there. We have recommended these investments to others and will continue to do so. Many members of our family are also investors.

A & L Bucholtz

I first invested in mortgages with Antrim in 1983. I had worked with other mortgage brokers previously and soon realized that, for straight shooting, Antrim were head and shoulders above the others. I have found Antrim to be diligent and completely trustworthy and have had very satisfactory results investing in their MICs.

J. F. Shaw

My wife and I have been investors in two mortgage investment companies, both managed by Antrim Investments ltd. The two companies are Tralee Investments and Armagh Investments Ltd. Our dealings with the two brothers Bill and Bob Granleese who are the principals behind Antrim have both been rewarding financially and more particularly have shown their dedication and complete honesty in their business. From the experience of over 12 years of investing with them, I have no hesitation in recommending Antrim Investments Ltd to other investors."

T.J. Scott

I have been investing in mortgages with Antrim Investments since 1984. Throughout this period, I have been very happy with the service provided and the results obtained. I was financially able to retire prior to my 65th birthday and I feel that this was in large part due to my investments with Antrim. I have consistently received better than average returns that have been stable from year to year. I would recommend that investors seriously consider investing with Antrim Investments."

P Stockdill M.D.

We feel fortunate to have met with Antrim Investments in 1985. Prior to that time we had been getting low returns from Bank deposits. Antrim explained the benefits of investing in mortgages. We have enjoyed the fact that we participate in making decisions on mortgage applications and lending policies. As our retirement funds have grown beyond our expectations we don't hesitate in strongly recommending Antrim Investments Ltd.

S & L Gill